Friday, July 29, 2011

Calendar 2011/2012 series, launched yesterday

The ’ highly anticipated series calendar 2011/2012 finally been launched. The draw was made yesterday afternoon and it was almost as usual, in the center of many controversies. Among the most angry, we see the President of Naples, Aurelio De Laurentiis. The President has left the room of the draw, literally outraged. According to Aurelio De Laurentiis, before moving on to the draw of the Serie A calendar, it was necessary to take into account the commitments of all the European teams in the top flight, including, of course, the societ s.s.c. Napoli.

Apart from this episode, the draw is held in a very serene. The first day of the Championship set for August 27, 2011. During the course of the year are planned five ’ rounds midweek. Do not underestimate the breaks were nothing short of necessary to allow the smooth running of the meetings of the national. Also planned a stop for the Christmas holidays.
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For the first day gi expect two great big match, Udinese-Juventus-Genoa and Naples. Other matches scheduled are: Atalanta-Bologna-Cesena, Rome, Cagliari-Milan, Inter Milan-Lecce, Lazio-Chievo-Palermo, Novara, Parma and Siena-Catania-Fiorentina. We cannot fail to note that to install this Championship Series to present also the first derby of the year ’, Siena-Fiorentina.

All football fans will be pleased to know that the expectations of this new League are going to finish. The ’ date for the end of August. Hoping to revamp the character of the fans, thus avoiding accidents and embarrassments various stages. Soccer passion to follow and respect. Let us not spoil this wonderful sport and let us not be carried away by the few fans dwindled. Go to see the game should be a day of relaxation, not a war.

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