Monday, July 25, 2011

Safety on the internet: l ’ Italy is increasingly the victim

Security on the internet increasingly at risk with the ’ advent of specialized groups of hackers in the illegal activity of ’ ’ ' hacking: recently we have seen before on theft of identity with the following down PlayStation Network, and then, just in Italy, all ’ of 30 ' hacking systems as many universities, including the most important, forced to resort to the shelters then redoing the whole ’ system.

Recent research conducted by CPP Italy, a ’ company that specialized in security while browsing on the internet, has announced that the 16% of Italians, among those surveyed, experienced a ’ identity theft d or otherwise a violation of their account with the following internet access to private data. In 35% of these theft has also caused damage and theft of data. Something that immediately makes the mind to what happened with Sony: many users in that case we have also the data of your credit card, inserted into the system as a payment method.

The 30% of users previously surveyed found a violation of their data by email, or social network profile on an account linked to an instant messaging client. Two hundred Italians have suffered an attack which resulted in economic damage of 5000 euro, while only half had damage to an amount that exceeds this figure. Of course the damage comes from ’ stealing credit card and its PIN, bank code or any other data useful to the conclusion of a theft or illegal activities with the money of others. This, therefore, represents as in Italy there is a low threshold of safety from the point of view of customized or, as it might seem more plausible, little attention from Internet users.

The 42%, in fact, admits to never change the password leaving cos increase chance to hack computers: only the ’ 11% admitted to change with frequency or annually their access key d ’. To date however there are systems that, in order to prevent these difficulty, propose the change of the password itself every 6 months.

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