Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse dead: drugs, autopsy confirms cause death?

Latest news on the death of Amy Winehouse: dead to drug cocktail, today the ’ autopsy. Is taking place at this moment l ’ autopsy on the body of Amy Winehouse, who died last Saturday afternoon. And ’ was found dead at his home in London. A mixture of drugs and alcohol would kill the young pop star. At 27 years of law enters into the packed club of star death at a young age.

Millions of fans mourn, thousands came, in these last hours, near his home in London, England: flowers, letters and messages d ’ love for a star exceptional qualities but controversial. Who better than you knew in a harmonious blend ’ and brilliant melodies, blues, rock and jazz? He had a very proibitorio way of life, of course. But not if it can ’ give a fault. Genius also triumphed on ’ inspiration. Remember the accursed poets? Without their lifestyle “ risky ” would not be able to give life to works brilliant and full of charm.

Amy Winehouse, who died of drug overdose? The autopsy would l ’. The results might arrive already this week. The Independent, the famous British newspaper, provides a clear version of the facts: “ Amy would play percussion for several hours, sparking the ire of neighbors that ’ would asked to stop. And confirms the version of the bodyguard: l ’ man entered the residence of Amy, Saturday morning, finding it still sleeping without notice anything strange. Pi, returning in late ’ apartment, discovered that the young man had stopped breathing: immediately called emergency services who arrived on the spot, along with ’ ex-boyfriend, Director Reg Traviss. Other tabloids were talking of a drug overdose caused by a cocktail of drugs and narcotics, but for now there are no official ” confirmations.

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