Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, divorce to jealousy?

Jennifer Lopez (photo), the sexy singer-actress sudamericana and Marc Anthony, Director of success, have officialized their separation. According to rumors seems to have been Marc to ask for divorce because of jealousy towards the ’ Cuban actor William Levy. Galeotto was the video of “ I ” ’ m into you, which has turned the sexy Jennifer alleging excessive Tuning with fellow shooting Levy. The triangle and the shooting of the single have caused a veritable uproar at casa Lopez-Anthony. J.Lo told the press that the decision of divorce was very difficult but that been reached amicably and in agreement with her husband. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (pictured) have announced their actual separation between the reasons for breaking there seems to be also an outrageous topless singer that not went to Marc just genius. The crisis between the two came after seven years of marriage and after the birth of 2 beautiful twins Max and Emme.
Viral video by ebuzzing
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (pictured) came to the divorcing, probably because of the jealousy of Marc to a topless j.Lo and for his sensuous ” video “ too ’ with the actor William Levy. Sexy Latin icon that has invaghita the beautiful Cuban artist? The voices are many but until now the only safe ’ formalization of separation. According to the trusty j.Lo stylist, Phillip Bloch, things went well for a long time because of jealousy of Marc, but Jennifer has tried in every way to save your marriage for the sake of the children. Apparently did not want a third divorce, but it seems to be failing in its purpose. The singer really high seas due to a video or maybe a topless. The sensual soubrette d ’ do not lose heart and continues to work while preparing divorce papers: in fact, was hired to perform at a wedding of his avid fan, which would have demanded one million dollars. A succulent consolation prize to mask the pain for the breakup of a marriage. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (pictured) are no longer a couple: jealousy made checkmate all ’ love.

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