Monday, August 01, 2011

Vasco Rossi was discharged and greets his fans saying: "I'm fine"

Vasco Rossi, according to the latest rumors, was resigned by the private clinic in Bologna where he had been hospitalized about two weeks ago for a fractured rib that was procured during a concert. During routine examinations, doctors of the clinic had recommended further investigations, as they feared that there was an infection. Fortunately, the legendary Vasco Rossi has no other medical problem, and today was finally resigned.

The singer, when released from the clinic, he pi times reassured his fans by saying that it will continue to do its concerts and now feels much better. He communicated before stepping on his car, a Bentley, driven by his friend and manager Floriano. these days thousands of fans, friends and colleagues you are tight around the great Vasco, presiding over the clinic and leaving several comments of solidarity on the Facebook page of rock star.
Viral video by ebuzzing
His spokesman, Tania Sachs, also announced that the tour would not be changed and that Vasco Rossi will host of the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia convened for September 5.

A happy end, therefore, that calm the millions of fans concern unexpected hospitalization of Blasco.

A few months ago Vasco Rossi announced during unintervista to TG1, that he would retire from the stage and it would be limited to writing songs. This news caused an endless series of protests by some of his most avid fans and a huge relief to others.

This, again, for all to see! In any case, according to recent events, surely it would be a wise decision. In fact, the singer, no longer a kid and bear the same content before it appears to be quite difficult.

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