Monday, August 01, 2011

Syria, the tanks fire on civilians

Keep the bad news related to events in Syria. President Assad has decided to go to the ’ attack, but did so in the wrong way imaginable. The tanks break into the city, firing volleys of fire on civilians. In a few moments becomes chaos, terror and tens of deaths doesn't seem to stop the massacre.

Immediate reaction of the President of the United States Obama. A killing out of place, just another knee-jerk decision and maneuvered by violence. The Bloody Sunday was a real gratuitous violence against civilians. Absolutely the most bloody day from ’ beginning of events involving the President Bashar el Assad.

Also the choice of cruel ’ attack, which occurred on the eve of Ramadan. The tanks have invaded the city of Hama, symbol, making a massacre ever seen. According to some rumors, there are around 130 dead and hundreds injured.
Viral video by ebuzzing
The response of the United States, European Union of ’ and ’ Italy unanimous: cease the violence and prevent further victims. You are much more strong pressures to speed up the decision by the Un ’, which still hasn't chosen a specific decision. Great horror in the words of us President Obama, who has been asked to isolate President Assad from the international community. Even Franco Frattini, current Foreign Minister, seeks to press the Un decision of ’, asking for a meeting as soon as possible.

The ’ attack was extremely brutal and very powerful. The tanks started firing cannon balls at the order of about four per minute. At the same time the military have launched heavy firepower against barricades and people. The rounds of heavy machine guns were found. The incessant fire has destroyed the barricades and literally caused dozens of deaths.

But the city of Hama was the only victim of ’ ’ attack. Harasta, pressure also town near Damascus, where there are approximately 42 people injured by cluster bombs. Other victims in the East of Syria, at Deir Ezzor, where snipers killed about 19 people. Also in southern Syria, there are other 6 deaths. Definitely a sad affair without functional rationality. Expect immediate reactions from the international community. The slaughter must end.

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