Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snow and frost: all week of bad weather ’ onal ’ Italy

Snow and frost: a week of bad weather throughout Italy. Heavy snowfall occurred in the last few hours in the Northwest of our peninsula. The Frost and snow are ready to move across Italy, reaching to touch all regions during this weekend, with temperatures in sharp decline.
The first days of February will be the most cold this winter ’. L ’ gi Italy since Saturday, struggling with waves of snow and frost. And ’ at the moment especially the North-West to suffer most in the cold, with snowfall that they put on their knees some regions. Piedmont snowing continuously by Saturday evening, have fallen more than 40 centimeters of snow and schools are today very closed. In the next few days the situation will improve, comes a Siberian cold wave ’ from France with new disturbances that will become heavy snowfall also to the Centre and South Italy.

Temperatures will fall by at least five degrees below freezing in most of our peninsula, a cold will undoubtedly exacerbated by bad weather. And ’ scheduled snow even at the gates of Rome and at least until Saturday near this ’ wave of snow and frost continues unabated. At this time snow over the Piedmont come also in Liguria and Lombardy, but only the beginning of this disturbance ’ frosty that porter to the week cool 2012 EPS. According to the weekly weather Tuesday the weather you sposter in northeastern Italy, while ’ Thursday and Friday the disruption will be particularly intense in the Centre and porter snow in Tuscany and at low altitudes in the Center. Nevicher on Umbria-Marche, Romagna, Abruzzo and Lazio.

At the moment the situation pi frosty you're living in Piedmont, where due to the heavy snow of the night c ’ was also a blackout that left without electricity, most of the population. Gusts of wind chill instead are coming to Trieste, with a bora blowing at 100 km/h. Some problems due to the wind, c ’ was also in Tuscany where searches were suspended on the ship, but the situation now seems to be improved. You should not leave too short this week, Frost paralizzer all our peninsula.
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