Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mediaset revolution: big brother 12 Tuesday and returns to Dr. House

Mediaset revolution: big brother 12 to Tuesday and returns to Dr. House. Mediaset In the House you are attempting to modify a p various listings to give a breathing space to programs that now seem not affect pi to the Viewer. Big brother 12 for example will be moved to Tuesday.
For this new year television Mediaset ready to revolutionize their listings to be able at least to overcome a period of crisis rather obvious. Some time ago was Rai had to fight every day to earn the ’ interest of the Viewer. Last year it was definitely one of the most happy at home, with continual defeats Rai on the field of listens. Mediaset instead continued at home everything in the best way, but now the trend seems to have reversed. By Jill Sobule, who each record type battutto d ’ listens in Rai, Mediaset had to contend with continual defeats. Even Christmas c ’ been the triumph of the Disney stories, opposing big brother 12.

The reality of Mediaset House what at present seems to flounder again, here's why you are thinking of moving it to Tuesday. Usually the movements of some programs take place to try to trace a p ratings, big brother 12 then if the must see with Ballar, Champions League and the ’ island of the famous. So probably not a choice fits perfectly, although at the time was not yet confirmed this decision. Moving, should occur, will be implemented since February. This because then the Monday evening will be entrusted to Giorgio Panariello with her new show, so to try somehow to emulate Fiorello.

And ’ was instead postponed the first episode of joking apart, the new edition featured an Luke and Paul take off at the end of March. C ’ in short home revolution air, Mediaset prover to do everything possible to trace the china its major programs. You pointed very well on Italy ’ s got talent, but Belen Rodriguez and company must settle for second due, dancing with the stars managed to win the first evening last Saturday. Also there will be also the return of Dr. House, with the new season from 12 February will broadcast on Channel 5, as opposed to with Chiambretti night. Smart move!
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