Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The ’ island of the famous part the 25 January

L'isola dei famosi part on 25 January. The reality vip anticipates its airing, scheduled for Thursday 26. A move to try to avoid too much competition, at least in the launch of the new edition. Nicola Savino ready not to begrudge Simona Ventura.
And ’ moved the opening bet prmia de L ’ Isola dei famosi. The new edition of the reality was to leave Thursday's vip 26 January, but for reasons related to the overlapping of various ’ television is preferred to move the first episode to Wednesday 25 January. A choice that could easily be changed with the ’ andar sprees. And ’ clear that the ’ island of the famous order to have a p of success must have a stragetico placement in the schedule of Raidue, taking in also keen competition. In this regard that the reality is different for vip points on the day of airing, since Wednesday on the day of the Champions League and in February Raiuno mander live matches.

It would be pretty much a suicide leave ’ Isola dei famosi al Wednesday. This year ’ c ’ desire to amaze the viewer and up that slice of the public that since the beginning he proved faithful ’ in respect of that reality. In this regard the task of Nicola Savino, promoted to presenter of this show, the sar not to begrudge Simona Ventura, landed on Sky in the past year to reappropriate the role of judge X Factor. In fact the talent show seems to have regained much of the public and even the young talents seemed much more appreciated.

Returning to the island of the famous ’, this ’ year there will be ten contestants who have already faced the ’ experience of survivors and these will add five new vip pi or less known. Seems to have been definitively eliminated the category of space so not famous, vip who will try to recover his revenge or to finally start to get noticed in showbiz. The names of former castaways who will participate in the ’ island of the famous are: Valeria Marini, Dan Harrow, Alessadnro, Culver Arianna David, Aida Yespica, Flavia Vento, Cristiano Malgioglio, Rossano Rubicondi, Enzo Paolo Turks, Carmen Russo. The five semi-vip instead should arrive after are: Cecilia Rodriguez, Marcelo Fuentes, Dunkin, Guendalina and Mariano Apicella Tavazzi.
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