Sunday, January 08, 2012

Alexandre Pato: here are the photos of naked webcams footballer, before the ’ meeting with Barbara Berlusconi!

Also the player of AC Milan, boyfriend of Barbara Berlusconi, remained "victim" of webcam ...

You know, all those who, or less, we have skeletons in the closet ’. Now, for us mortals “ ” these skeletons, perhaps, can continue to stay in the closet, but ’ for the famous “ vip ”, hard skeletons that remain in the closet for a long ’.
And ’ what happened to Alexandre Pato, Milan footballer, currently, happily engaged to Barbara Berlusconi, daughter of former premier Silvio ’, as well as President of AC Milan football. well, before becoming, what currently, also is leaving infect by Pato craze webcam. Cos, after having traded his Msn contact, with a Brazilian girl, the young footballers, at the dawn of his career, he enjoyed chat “ ” with the girl his compatriot, until one day the conversation resulted in something very much, but m0lto spicy: practically Pato remained completely naked in front of the web, showing cos, his family jewels to the girl from ’ the other side of pc assisted hot show offered by footballer.

The images have done, and continue to make the rounds of the network, even if here in Italy, have never been publicized enough “ ”. A real “ boom ”, c ’ been Spanish and Brazilian sites dedicated to gossip and news.The images, as I said before, are very, very strong, and aimed at an audience of adults and not the legal age for this we have put in this post, but for all those who were curious “ ” to see hot pictures of football player before his encounter with lady Cybersecurity, just go to Google images and search … here is a small preview I see don't see ” ” …

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