Thursday, January 12, 2012

USA: Woman pretends her daughter's death and goes on vacation

Fakes death of her daughter to go on vacation in Costa Rica. She was discovered and now accused of cheating.

Strange things if they feel around but this really exceeds the limit of tolerance. A woman, a ’ insegnantedella Manhattan High School of Hospitality Management, which named faJoah Barnett, of 58 years, has faked the death of one of his daughters, while going on holiday.

The woman, in fact, a few months before, had booked a long trip in Costa Rica; A week in extraordinary State of ’ Central America just what we want to relax in tranquility and enjoy your holiday free from thoughts. But something doesn't go right and soon school officials realize the plane of ’ teacher.

The woman, calling to school l ’ other her daughter, to communicate the death diXinia Daley Herman, defunct for pretend. And the ’ teacher to make even more credible history, writes just punch the death certificate and send it via fax to the school. What was supposed to be a strategic plan and well thought out, is just a trap for the ’ teacher who is discovered and now must face a trial for the scam, in front of the Manhattan criminal court.

Other than Costa Rica!!

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