Sunday, January 15, 2012

Giglio Island tragedy: 3 dead and 14 wounded-Costa Crociere accused

Costa fleet ship runs aground on a shoal near the Isola del Giglio. Three dead and 14 wounded. Passengers accuse shipboard personnel.

A serious maritime accident occurred this night near ’ Island of Giglio. One of the ships of Costa Crociere, the Concordia was wrecked on a shoal of Punta Gabbianara; The ship tilted and began to carry water: a glimpse at least 70 meters long. on the left side of uninclinazione and 80 degrees on the opposite side.
The Concordia to the 19 hours from the port of Civitavecchia, for the traditional tour in the Mediterranean, was conducted to Savona, but towards the ’ dinner ’ unexpected happens l; A roar and a blackout say the castaways. The ship's captain invites all over 4.200 people aboard to wear lifebelts and approach the lifeboats precaution “ ”.

On the ship spreads panic and you begin to think the worst. Scene from Titanic “ ” occur aboard the Concordia, and some passenger, perhaps for fear, he jumps into the water, heading to frost and darkness of the night.

Immediately began rescue operations. Three dead and 14 wounded established. The castaways rescued were greeted at the Cathedral and hotel of ’ Island, finding great support by inhabitants of ’ Island, who have provided food, water and blankets.Ipasseggeriaccusano the crew not completely trained for this type of emergency.Meanwhile have started investigations to understand what went wrong and if there are faults or failures.

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