Monday, January 09, 2012

Men and women – Advances: tomorrow back on Channel 5 with the choices of Francis and Cristian.

By tomorrow afternoon on Channel 5 "men and women" with Maria de Filippi and choices of Francis Monte and Cristian Galella.

Tomorrow afternoon back to Channel 5 at 14.45, after the Christmas break, the talk show created and hosted by Maria de Filippi, “ men and ” women. Confirmed the presence in the cast of two commentators, Gianni perti and Sgarbi.
The program, strong resulting in the first of the year ’ (with an average of more than 2,600,000 spectators for a share of 20%), back with the final stages of male and female, began last September.Particularly in the middle of this week there will be choices of the two protagonists of the throne, Francis Monte blue and Cristian Galella. Apparently the old tarantino, Francis, discovered in recent weeks have a strong penchant for Emiliana. In fact, initially between the two was not clicked anything, however with the passage of external Francis realized try something extra for you, and seems to be the beautiful model choosing of tronista, defined by telespettatrici transmission, as the most beautiful ” “ tronista, throughout the history of the program, surpassing cos, also the ancestor of the tronisti Costantino Vitagliano. in the course of the week there will be space to present the new game mechanism program, characterised by a very particular joint, throne, which apparently is giving gi fruit. Not be missed the return of the throne over that great success achieved in recent years.

In short, for all fans of the program, the ’ appointment by tomorrow afternoon at 14.45 with “ men and ” women!

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