Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Concordia: Francesca Rettondini aboard the ship wrecked

Francesca Rettondini, aboard Costa Concordia, tells what happened that tragic Friday 13 January.

by Francesca Rettondini, l ’ last testimony on tragic maritime affair happened Friday 13 January, which saw the mighty cruise ship Concordia, scupper near ’ Island of Giglio.

Francesca Rettondini, former partner of Alberto Castagna, was on the ship when the unexpected happened ’. The Rettondini, on his first cruise was l for work, as called to conduct the first reality hair stylist look makers peraspiranti “ ”: what should be a wonderful experience ’ soon turns into a terrible adventure.

The Rettondini defends the crew, claiming that it was difficult to rescue all even because the ship c were disabled people ’, elderly, children. The ’ only criticism goes to the ship's captain, detained because accused of sinking, manslaughter and abandonment of the ship: “ When the ship called in said plan: ‘ rest assured! And ’ all in place, you can fit in the cabins and salons all ’ intern. I understand that we must keep calm but teases, ” no!

Are harsh words and filled d ’ of anguish Rettondini that serve to shed light on this tragic affair, which saw 6 people lose their lives for that gesture of bowing “ ” all ‘ Isola del Giglio.

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