Monday, January 16, 2012

Cruise ship wrecked: the salt budget of victims

Found two more bodies: these are two elderly

Two corpses were found aboard Costa Concordia sank two days ago. The discovery, in part submerged of the stern of the ship, and ’ was done by Coast Guard divers. The bodies found by divers in the coast guard ship Concordia are two older men. The bodies, according to what we learn, were found in a cabin wearing life jackets.

“ were found by divers. One thing that could happen, unfortunately, still “. The Navy announced Philip, head of external relations of the harbor. At the moment does not yet know where the bodies will be transferred.The coast guard earlier said that c ’ and ’ hope to find other people's lives. The Coast Guard Commander, Cosimo Nicastro, explained that “ this morning a team of divers is situated down ’ and to the rear of the ship. Divers have broken through a glass, and are entered in the dining room. The hopes of finding someone alive c ’ and ’. In part submerged less, even if it is not ’ to exclude the presence of air bubbles ’ ”.

Meanwhile, investigations continue. “ we are acquiring all information techniques that allow us to reconstruct the path from the Costa Concordia Nicastro-– said. Our divers have managed to retrieve the black box of the ship ”. The Commander of the Costa Concordia wrecked before the island of Giglio and ’ ’ “ shocked and upset as and ’ success and expresses the maximum sympathy towards the victims ”.
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