Monday, January 02, 2012

Japan: the 2012 starts with an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 – No tsunami alert

Despite the strong shock, there were no deaths.

The 2012 started the rather rowdy friends of Japan: a strong earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter was recorded today scara – shortly after the 6 hour italiana – Japanese seismographs. The epicenter of the quake ’ was located off the coast of ’ archipelago of Izu Islands, located approximately 495 km South West of the capital Tokyo. According to the information transmitted by the Japanese broadcaster Nhk ’, would not have been reported, at least until now, damage to persons or things and especially not c ’ tsunami alert.The ’ been pinpointed to an epicenter depth of about 348 km; This figure did s that authority have not found any tsunami warning must branch.

Fortunately, then, there have been no deaths, no injuries no serious damage, and not been issued a tsunami alert. All ok also Fukushima nuclear nellimpianto. In Tokyo, the quake shook the buildings, but without any special consequences. It was even suspended the final of the Emperors Cup football which was in progress at the National Stadium.

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