Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Concordia tragedy: a ship without its commander

After the tragedy, begin the rebuilding. The Commander Schettino abbandon the ship and passengers to their terrible fate.

The maritime tragedy occurred Friday 13 January, which saw the mighty cruise ship Concordia, scupper near ‘ Island of Giglio, continues to make fear because in addition to the number of deaths and missing people, begin to exit the first tragic reconstructions and testimonies of those who lived in first person, the terrible affair.

Early reconstructions of a sort of “ ” from mutiny sailors, realizing immediately that the seriousness of the situation, began rescue operations, 15 minutes before the evacuation order ’ given by Commander Schettino. Meanwhile it aggravates the position of Commander, nailed from phone calls in the evening of the tragedy occurred with the captaincy.

The Commander Schettino, after abandoning the ship, communicates by telephone with CapitanoGregorio De Falco of Livorno, which orders the ship back Schettino to coordinate rescue operations. According to eyewitness Captain Schettino actually did return pi on the ship, abandoning the ’ crew and passengers to their tragic fate.

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