Thursday, January 05, 2012

Attention: Alert mozzarella blue

It took a new alarm mozzarella blue. Soon after opening, the product changed color. It happened to Frosinone.

New alarm mozzarella blue. This time the mozzarella blue have been found at Frosinone. A ’ teacher of that area, having purchased of mozzarella and kept them in the fridge, correctly realizes that the mozzarella into unfolding issue assumed an unusual pigmentation, blue color.
The woman immediately warned the forces of the ’ order which he proceeded to make the appropriate and necessary checks in the supermarket where the teacher ’ had purchased the product. The forces of order have asked l ’ ’ aiutodell Asl juridiction, which provide the mozzarellas adanalizzare blue indicted.Still not been made known the product brand indicted but agents have already Padlocked l ’ whole lot of cheese bearing the dairy brand mentioned.

This is the first case of mozzarella blu in Lazio but the ’ alarm blue dates to mozzarella 2010 when they were sequestrateuna ton dimozzarelle erebody five different brands from Germany, and the then Health Minister ’ Fazio, invited everyone to check the expiry dates.

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