Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Martina Colombari father accused of stalking

The father of Martina Colombari reported for stalking by his former partner. Maurizio Colombari should keep a distance from the woman.

The father of Martina Colombari, Maurizio Colombari, is under indictment by the ’ ex-girlfriend, who has reported for stalking.

The tribunale di Rimini has issued an injunction that forces the ’ man, to stay distance from his ex, a woman 41 years of Rimini. Maurizio Colombari been romantically at this woman from 2003 to 2007; A story gone on between highs and lows, but the ’ man apparently not never forgot this woman, and continued to dog and send sms.
In recent years, the father of Martina Colombari had also an affair with a woman in Ukraine, which in turn denounced the ’ man always for stalking. And ’ a fairly complicated situation, which brought the judiciary has lead a search warrant, placed the 31 of December at home Colombari, where the carabinieri have seized the phone in ’ man.

Maurizio Colombari, a well-known character in Riccione, for having managed for many years the “ pizzeria Da Gianni ”. Obviously there is added the fact that the man ’ the father of Martina Colombari showgirl, wife of Billy Costacurta, couple who was always very discreet and distant from the cameras.

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