Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tragedy Agrees: sensational interview with the wife of Schettino

The wife of Commander Schettino gave an interview to the weekly Today: "my husband is not a monster".

Talking about this time the wife of Francisco Schettino, Fabiola Russo, who weekly Today has told his truth.
Fabiola defends Russian sword is her husband, and stresses how her husband always statopunto of reference, its crews: become an unprecedented media case: woman continues saying that her husband is not a monster and who always managed in the best way the difficulty. Always in ’ interview recalls moments spent together and a fine perch sailed too close to the coast, with their boat.

But, while his wife rightly defends her husband and the man she loves, ’ rises to 16 the number of victims of Concordia: 22 still missing. Biological samples taken at Commander, will be analyzed on 26 January. The result of further if Schettino had made use of drugs.

Investigators are working on several hypotheses on the conduct of Schettino: conduct criticism and indictment (recall that between allegations of Schettino there also ’ abandonment of ship) and for which worldwide we point the finger at, and not accepted by the men of the sea.

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