Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rihanna: Alien on set!

As a Marine sergeant, Rihanna made his debut in cinema. The protagonist of Peter Berg's new film "Battleship" alongside Liam Neeson.

one of the most beloved artists and follow the music scene. Beautiful beautiful but mainly good. We are talking about Rihanna, who recently released a ’ interview with the weekly Ciak, recounting his first cinematic experience.
Soon in Italy, in April, arriver in all cinema's new film diPeter Berg, ”, “ Battleship-inspired naval battle. Protagonists of the film are the bravoLiam Neeson as an Admiral and Rihanna, Petty Officer of the Navy.

Rihanna said: “ on set I did not know what to expect.They landed in absolute umilt, with the mind fresh and completely open.L in the middle of the true alien I (the film is about a ’ invasion of alien cyborg).He then expressed his personal opinion on Liam Neeson: “ That charisma!I detached the eyes off even when not in front of the camera. If she drank, laughed, sending an sms, just did it too.I was looking for the secret to become like him ”.

Well certainly be like Liam Neeson is not easy. Great actor and performer of blockbuster movies comeUnknown – Without identity, Schindler's ’ Lists many more, Rihanna was indeed fortunate to debut on the set, alongside a large name of cinema.

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