Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Iron Lady: Meryl Streep arrives in our cinema

The Iron Lady: Meryl Streep arrives in our cinema. The American actress ready to amaze even the Italian public with his masterful interpretation of Margaret Thatcher, major political figure for Britain and beyond.
This ’ comes out today in our cinemas The Iron Lady, film directed by Phyllida Lloyd and he sees the great performance by Meryl Streep. The Iron Lady a film that tells the story, the life of Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister and woman who has rivoluzonato the politics of their country. An important figure for Britain, but in General for all the political world. Here we find a Meryl Streep in large dusting, undoubtedly one of the most professional and talented actresses in the world of cinema has ever had.

In The Iron Lady is practically outdated Meryl Streep, managing to become totally in character to interpret. Not a coincidence that the actress has already ’ put in your pocket a Golden Globe, has also been nominated for an Oscar as best actress, and here of course seems to be almost inevitable victory. And ’ a p what happened last year with Colin Firth, actor, who The King's speech to better interpret the figure of King George VI and that earned him the victory of ’ Oscar.

And ’ clear how in the world of cinema who manages to interpret the figure of a historical figure has the advantage of being able to aspire to greater personal awards. This why become a character really existed pretty hard to make credible and then only the most major players there are. Meryl Streep is undoubtedly part of this category, The Iron Lady isn't strictly a political film, tends rather to highlight the intimate thought this woman from 45 years to 80 has devoted his life to his country, not neglecting the ever ’ love for her husband Denis, decisive figure for its existence. Definitely worth going to the cinema to watch the great performance by Meryl Streep.
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