Friday, January 20, 2012

Films and TV series in streaming free? From today all on Videoweed!

And after the closure of Megaupload and Megavideo, Videoweed becomes the last beach users ...

A few minutes ago we gave the news, ”, “ shock to millions of people, according to which the ’ FBI closed its two most important World Cup sites to “ file sharing to the world, namely ” “ ” “ Megaupload Megavideo and ”.
However, on the web, Internet users, while being quite indignant “ ” for this closure come cos, like a bolt from the serene, immediately proved handy in finding a solution. And then, as they say, “ died a Pope if he makes another ”, or say the Latin mors tua vita mea “ ”. And never better said was suitable for this circumstance.In fact, despite the closure of Megavideo and MagUpload, users can continue to see their movies and quietly telefilm in streaming on the web, on a site until recently (indeed, a few minutes ago!) known by very few. VideoWeed is, a video sharing site like Megaupload and Fileserve only for video files, of Spanish origin but of course there are also complete movies in Italian (remember that the distribution is subject to copyright laws) and basically allows you to watch full movie online free.

You can continue with VideoWeed to see movies free streaming on the flash platform, full-screen and also of good quality and speed of loading.

Gives us the chance to you uppare a video file in our Pc and earn, this file will be made available to other users for viewing directly on the VideoWeed website pays $ 10 per 1000 loads of complete movies and 10% for each premium membership.

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