Saturday, January 21, 2012

23 January – The INCREDIBLE Google, Facebook and YouTube “ close ” to strike: non-accessible sites.

On 23 January the vast majority of sites, including Google and Facebook, will be blacked out in protest! Discover why

The news that we're going to give you is nothing short of incredible ’ and could put in turmoil truly the whole network: on 23 January, against a Bill presented in Congress that will obscure the content hosting sites accused of violating the right dautore, there could be a strike. According to the draft you pursue not only the charge of violationbut the sites that host domain files indicted or who work to make them available to the public: YouTube, Google and Facebook for example. In a few days then all that you might find will be always the same page, which announces the suspension of the service to strike. No answer, no conversation, no mail, no books and no information.

The purpose of the measures to obscure sites that host content accused of violating the right dautore. This means that lintervento the Prosecutor does not merely pursue the alleged infringement, but proceeds to overshadow even the sites that host domain files or who collaborate to indicted them traceable to the public.

In short, a real coup for the millions and millions of people who daily work with the pc and that very probably the 23 January, will be forced to do without them.

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