Saturday, January 14, 2012

New York: woman's tattoos son of 9 months-it is a hoax?

Circulating online a sad affair, he sees a woman to engrave on the body of the son of a tribal symbol for 9 months. But a hoax?

Continues to go around a news network that has the incredible, that ’ not surprising pi from time if we think the recent stories of mothers. The news was given by a radio localeKiss FM 96.9 who then wrote the story on its website.
Specifically the news sees a young woman in New York, Albany, tattooed the son of just 9 months. The mother of the small, named Franny faTrokerns, would have made the decision to affect the body of his son, by his own companion that makes the tattooist by trade, a tribal symbol. Such notice of ’ happened and then to launch the ’ alarm would have been the baby sitter. Immediately advised the police, has taken in abused mother stops.

In the network also circulates a photo that is accurate only for demonstration purposes and then only a doll, but it comes with tattoos suffered a hoax, a news story that makes the throat but not absolutely true. What you really hoped that the rumor is false, but even if it were true, how absurd and sad, there's so much stupiremmo pi, since all the days we hear stories of mothers killing, violent. And to think that there are women who give their own life whilst putting the world of children. But so hard and unnatural to understand that children are not toys?

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