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Chiambretti Sunday Show: tonight on ItaliaUno the new show of Pierino la peste ” – “ Spoilers

Among the many guests of the first episode of the new program by Piero Chiambretti, Marracash, Scilipoti and Peter Dinklage.

Tonight at 21.20 hours on ItaliaUno the new Cagliari program hosted by Piero Chiambretti, entitled (seen on the day of programming), “ Sunday – Show Chiambretti The muzika is changing ”.
The program was tested with a special event dedicated to Laura Pausini, on the occasion of the ’ release of his latest album. The episode did not gain the success hoped, recording a listen below 2 million for a share of 9%, so that, according to well informed the Pausini on that occasion, ’ “ ” would have eaten your hands for not having accepted the invitation of Fiorello ’ in his show of RaiUno, revealed, then, plays records.

The program was built by observing the other Italy 1, based on regulatory compliance; a mix of many topics that also to the public strizzer eye female for Sunday now regarding the male, the majority of the public goes on Sky and Premium for football matches. Sar an Observatory on the really brilliant, he added will try to build a magazine in the first hour dedicated to topics dedicated to women and then later to an audience more wide.

Cast reduced there will be the wizard Forest and in two roles Platinette, unpublished, which advocates a process with a jury, witnesses and a judgment that will be approved. In the first episode the process will levasione, a very strong explained Chiambretti with stilemi pi classic entertainment districts. Always in the first episode is music and also parler in this case with rapper Marracash and appropriate Ligabue vs. Vasco and their fans, ready to confront “ ”, on their pets in a kind of “ Arena ”.

We will also cover story (cover story) where will be placed in the international scene that represent characters possibly change. The first sar Peter Dinklage, the winner of the Golden Globe that suffers from a disease of dwarfism but that has nothing to envy to the great actors of Hollywood, also cast in the presence of a Technical Government tv format from seven Director Giuseppe Di Piazza, Biondillo Costantino Della Gherardesca, Gianluca Mech Prince of herbal tea and the concertist Bacchetti. Not all weeks there will be a press conference he added the conductor where for the first time the world of politics incontrer Italians or families at the center of a series of strenuous exercises to manage its internal leconomia nuclei. The first sar lon. Domenico Scilipoti, gynecologist, who cimenter in a conference with families, including a worker of the Wagons-lits on a crane and the public.

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