Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sarah Palin News: Ivano Russian version

You go back to talking about the murder of Sarah Palin. This time in the classroom, the protagonist of the story, Ivano key Russian.

It's back on the Case because today in casoSarah Chamber to speak Russian, the boy Ivano indicated as “ alleged ” reason of jealousy of Sabrina's cousin.

Classroom Ivano told the judges that between him and Sarah c ’ was an almost brotherly relationship of friendship: “ I believe in me trying both paternal figure that fraternal, probably because suffered from lack of father and brother, continually absent for work, at least this is my impression.Was not a relationship too confidenzialecerto, that I would embrace, or that he put his head on my shoulder, but he did because I think I regarded as a kind of elder brother ”.

An older brother then Ivano for Sarah and instead to Sabrina Misseri? Friendship misunderstood sexual intercourse, never worn, some sms misunderstanding but nothing more.Ivano Russo key character of the story, because according to the investigators, it is the motive that would bring Sabrina Misseri, with the help of ’ his mother Cosima Serrano, to kill on 26 August 2010, little Sarah;Investigators believe that Sabrina couldn't stand the attentions of Ivano's cousin, and driven by jealousy would have made the ’ insane gesture.

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