Sunday, February 19, 2012


EMMA Brown with the song “ Not the ’ hell ” won the 62nd Edition of the Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo 2012. Runner-up Arisa with “ night ”; third place with the song “ Noemi are just words ”. Televoting Emma got almost 50% of the vote; 35% to 15% for Arisa, Noemi.
There are three women contend for the victory of this 3 Festival della Canzone italiana di Sanremo. The ’ announcement was given a few minutes ago by the presenter of the event, Gianni Morandi, which closed after the televoting to 23.35 about, read the first 6 artists, which is presented in this order:

First place: Arisa – notteSecondo site: Emma The – didn't ’ infernoTerzo post: Gigi D alessio & Loredana ’ Bert – RespirareQuarto post: Noemi – are just paroleQuinto post: Odia & Lucio Dalla – NanSesto post: – Ci vediamo Dolcenera home

However to enter the inn the game at this point was the Newsroom for journalists, which had a chance to give a "golden share" “ ” to one of six artists present in the rankings, to allow him to climb ben 3 position ranking compiled by the public at home. The "golden share" of journalists was attributed to Noemi, who, then, as you can see from the chart, he climbed to the top 3 positions well, peaking in first place and deleting, cos, from the podium duo by D Alessio-Bert ’.

Now and then there are three women who contrndono the final victory: Emma, Noemi and Arisa. Who will win? We'll find out in a few minutes …

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