Monday, February 13, 2012

SHOCK: “ Pope Benedict XVI will die by 2012 ″ – here's the full text of the document

In the text it prophesies the death of the Holy Father by 2012. In its place would become the current Pope, Bishop Angelo Scola

Caused a stir in the news, launched in the first page from the fact daily, an alleged plot against the Pope. A confidential document which suggests the death of Benedict XVI, by November 2012, and we talk about a plot against the head of the Catholic Church. The document was written in German so it move as little as possible (but not German or Chinese larabo!) and, according to the newspaper, would be authentic.Those pages exist and no denial can erase, assures the Director Antonio Padellaro in its editorial.
And indeed this document out today and published on the website “ the secrets of caste of Montecitorio “. Here are excerpts of text alcunei translated from German (the language of the Holy Father) in Italian:

In November 2011 Cardinal Romeo is gone with a tourist visa in Beijing, where, in fact, has not met any member of the Catholic Church in China, business men, bens Italians who live or work in Beijing and some Chinese interlocutors. In Beijing the Cardinal Romeo has claimed to have been sent personally by Pope Benedict XVI to decommission, or better verify talks initiated by Cardinal Dario Hoyos March 2010 Castrilln. Cardinal Romeo has harshly criticized Pope Benedict XVI, because it would mainly of liturgy, disregarding the daily affairs, entrusted by Pope Benedict XVI to Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State of the Roman Catholic Church. The relationship between Pope Benedict XVI and his Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone would be very confrontational. Exude In the Cardinal's Romeo confidenzialit reported that Pope Benedict XVI would hate literally Tarcisio Bertone and would very happy with another Cardinal. Romeo has added to that there is another suitable candidate to fill this position and that is why Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone would continue to carry out his duties. The relationship between the Secretary of State and the Cardinal Scola would have equally adverse and tormented.

In secret, the Holy Father would be occupying his succession and had already chosen the Cardinal Scola as suitable candidate, because most close to his personality. Slowly but surely the cos would be preparing and forming to take lincarico of the Pope. On the initiative of the Holy Father cos Romeo Cardinal Scola was transferred from Venice to Milan, in order to prepare the calmly to his Papacy. Cardinal Romeo continued to surprise his interlocutors in China continuing to pass on rumors. Sure, as if you knew with accuracy, Cardinal Romeo announced that the Holy Father would only other 12 months to live. During his talks in China has prophesied the death of Pope Benedict XVI within the next 12 months.

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