Saturday, February 18, 2012

Emma Brown and Alessandra Amoroso at Sanremo – Video 2012

Former winners of the du talent show Fame performed together with the song "hell No"

A Duet that will certainly happy the thousands and thousands of fans who follow with affection and esteem the two singers salentine, winners of the talent show of Canale 5, Amici di Maria de Filippi. Let's talk about Emma Brown and Alessandra Amoroso. The first this year in the race at the ’ Festival is presented with the song “ Not the ’ hell ”, written by Checco Mod, with whom Brown ranked second last year.A Duet, as you said, that has delighted fans and especially has silenced all the gossips that in recent months had talked about a “ breaking ” between the two singers and also great friends. At the end of the Duet, the two girls, evidently intended for the ’ exhibition, which however went great, you are moved, leaving cos out from their State of ’ mind the ’ terrible anxiety these days, caused by “ fear ” imprtante stage limestone as can be that of The Brown ’ Ariston. date, practically, winner of this year's Festival’ artist: l this 62nd Edition of the Festival, who leads the standings. Follow Nina Zilli, Arisa, Gigi D Alessio & Loredana ’ and Bert ’ other “ friend of Maria ”, Odia in race with Lucio Dalla.

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