Saturday, February 25, 2012

The penis of the Italians? A study reveals that becomes increasingly small …!

The alarm that is throwing in sconfonrto millions and millions of Italian women was carried out by the University of Padova

L ’ evolution does not stop, and it says that its fruits are welcome at all. According to a study conducted by the service for the pathology of human reproduction of ’ scotte Padua, directed by professor Charles forest, the young people of the third millennium have penis pi small almost an inch compared to peers than half of the last century.

The research took into consideration measures for young people, 2,019 18.9 years, et media going to investigate the anthropometric characteristics. Comparing the data, researchers have identified significant padovani: accounts receivable parameters considered normal till today, arms opening height (relationship in the normal individual ’ must be equal to or slightly greater than the height ’), 36% of the sample appears to have arms long cos pi as the 47.7% pi has legs long compared to the trunk. You must also modify the penis size average: 9.7 cm long of 1948, in 2001 to 9 cm, in 2012 will stop at 8.9 cm. The proportions of the skeletal system explains prof-– Forest are governed primarily by the endocrine and gonadal rudiments, especially by hormones and testis. In our studio we also wondered what may have been the influences that have interfered with the hormones to change cos structure; the most likely hypothesis ’ that there are environmental changes that in some way affect the endocrine system.

It also plays an important role in the degree of obesit: in case study analyzed the 18% of youth was overweight or obese obesit and correlates with changes of skeletal structures. L ’ obesit indeed negatively affects hormone production during the ’ et development. For this reason, the penis length is inversely proportionate to the ’ conditions.

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