Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012: San Remo for the second episode and ladder

Guests tonight: Charmander and Martin Solveig

Tonight at 20.35 hours aired on RaiUno will be the second installment of the 62nd Edition of the Festival of Sanremo Italian cazone, led by Gianni Morandi with Rocco Papaleo.
After the first episode last night, in which Belen Rodriguez and Elisabetta Canalis, the two protagonists of the last edition of the Festival, have taken the place of the old Ivana Mrazova hit by a strong bones. In addition to Luke and Paul, gi protagonists announced the first installment, last night was rebuilt for the whole team of Sanremo 2011.

As regards competition, the Big pass the baton to young people: Giulia Anania, Giordana Angi, Bidiel, Alessandro Casillo, Celeste Gaia, Marco Guazzone, Iohosemprevoglia and Erica Mou. Guests of the evening Charmander and the French dj and producer Martin Solveig, who co-produced the last Madonna single "Give Me All Your Luvin.

However we will also listen to the 14canzoni of the big race, since yesterday evening because of the gausto system of the votes of the jury was not able to vote. 4 artists who at the end of the evening will abandon the race, waiting for Saturday's Repechage.

Here's the official lineup of this second night:
Nina ZilliArisaDAlessio BertCarone DallaSfida Young AngiMatia Young BazarFinardiSfida: Casillo: Heavenly Iohosemprevoglia GaiaEmmaMarlene KuntzFornaciariBersaniSfida Young BidielCivelloNoemiSfida Young: Mou: Guazzone AnaniaRengaDolcenera

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