Thursday, February 23, 2012

Concordia News: 4 more bodies Found, even the small Dayana

4 bodies found in Concordia. These include Dayana, also the victim of the tragedy of Junin 13 January.

The latest news regarding the tragedy of Concordia want 4 more bodies recovered; Including the tiny body of Dayana, young victim of just 5 years, which was on a cruise with his father.
The bodies were found by firemen, all internal ’ bridge 4, the meeting point which soon turns into a trap without via d ’ exit. While the number of victims found to 21, missing 15 remain. You are looking for bodies now.

The story of Dayana and her father has touched everyone. The ’ man, Williams Arlotti, 36 years, was cruising with his partner and daughter in search of serenity after a long period of illness and cure. Dayana was the Sunbeam in the difficult life of the father. Now a mother mourns her daughter disappeared tragically.

Trying again in deep in the darkness of a ship, they seek to restore families bodies, for coffins to cry.

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