Monday, February 06, 2012

Vampire woman and man Cannibal: fall in love in jail!

The two have discovered to have many "passions" to common ...

L ’ love exists, even among the most heinous killer. It shows the love story between vampire woman “ ” “ Cannibal and Skara, ” secoloMichelle Gustafsson eIsakin Jonsson, both authors of a terrible murder in Sweden. The two met in ’ hospital Karsuddens, where they are kept, and told the ’ the beginning of their relationship to The Swedish newspaper Expressen. Michelle, 23 years old, was arrested in 2010, after having slain a man, father of four children. She says he does not remember anything about that day, but his nickname was attributed to gruesome photos that had posted on his blog, in which he was dressed as a vampire, with lots of sharp teeth and blood. On his blog he said pi times want to kill people he met on the subway. Isakin has 33 years and locked up by 2011, when he killed his former girlfriend Elle Christensen, mother of five children. The crime occurred in the small town he was called Skara and Cannibal ‘ because after ’ severed head to the woman, it was fed to some parts of his body. He himself admitted the ’ horrible practice, saying that the ’ had done only to end up in a psychiatric hospital and not in jail.

The killer is known in ’ Institute where they are locked up both and their relationship started before so, as galley was the Msn chat, which allowed him to know each other better.We first met on 13 November – tells MIchelle – and then we decided to findanzarci. Il cannibale di Skara says he's a different man and believes in this new love: I love Michelle. I had never known a woman like her. Dream a new life together, away from crime. Obviously the two restaranno in ’ istutito for many years, but do not give pervinti and hope in a future rosy: we want to go out together, go into a nice little house and live a normal life with our dogs and our favorite hobby.
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