Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Italy devastated by bad weather. The Centre-North under the snow

The Italy devastated by bad weather. The snow whitens the peninsula up to the gates of Rome, rispormiando in the South, where it rains and blows the tramontana.
Italy devastated by bad weather. Snow is a good met by blanching of the peninsula, to the gates of Rome, while to the South are master rain and wind. Polar temperatures are coming, or nearly so, so much so that according to the forecasts in Milan this weekend will see the mercury settle permanently around-8/9 c. winter cos, especially considering that until just a few days ago, the weather was mild, and the South were already blooming plants that usually bloom from April onwards, at least outside the normal. The crazy lennesima proof, if ever proof were needed, as the climate changes are making you feel their effects.

Snow makes problematic the circulation of heavy goods vehicles on the roads, in particular, putting at risk over all supplies that already had suffered a severe batting darresto in recent days, accomplice lagitazione the hauliers. According to Coldiretti over fifty thousand tons of perishable foodstuffs are locked on TIR, although with the current temperatures, the risk of decay could in a sense be reduced significantly.Accidents due to icy snow out there, in Funo di Argelato, Bologna, in a finite straight straight machine at a bar because of icy, causing the death of the driver, a man of 64 years.To suffer the weather disturbances, disturbances, but that its poor condition, the Football League Serie A, he sees a series of matches postponed because of snow.

But also stories with a happy ending, as happened to Marciaso, a small mountain village of Lunigiana, where a pregnant woman, arrived at the final moment of pregnancy had called lambulanza to go to the hospital, there was conducted at the end by a snowplow, limpossibilit view of the means of getting medical aid on the spot.
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