Sunday, February 05, 2012

Lady Gaga at Sanremo for 500 thousand euros and a villa of Palladio and – the protest erupts!

The singer asked ben 500 thousand euros of cachet ...

In full swing these days to prepare for the new edition of the Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo, led by Gianni Morandi and Rocco Papaleo, aired from 14 to 18 February on Bbc1. Many guests who were confirmed in recent days, which tread the stage of the Ariston, including ’, Federica Pellegrini and ’ highly anticipated Adriano Celentano, who all his salary devolver to charity.
And at this time began to circulate also the name of one of the international artists EPS in “ popular ” of the moment and until now never appeared in Italy in any show. Let's talk about Lady Gaga.

Ms. Germanotta was in talks to perform at the teatro Ariston, but bargaining would be somewhat complex. The New York singer claims a cachet of not less than half a million euros. Not only would reside in a Palladian villa of the Vicenza province. Vicenza and Sanremo aren't exactly behind the corner and when ’ was pointed out to Lady Gaga that between the teatro Ariston and his nobiliary residence there are at least 470 kilometres she would respond with his proverbial understatement: “ give me a ” helicopter.

Everything here? Obviously no. Mica travels alone the Germanotta. It brings back a circus hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists and factotum that she loves calling “ factory ”, as did Andy Warhol with his friends.

And meanwhile sui social network controversy erupts against the public service: the Italians, in fact, absolutely do not want that money used to pay fee to be Lady Gaga!
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