Friday, February 10, 2012

The Chief criticism, she gives him the drink of water ’ water …!

The employee has seen fit to take revenge so "original" ...

Mr. Jonathan Oliver, a 40-year-old designer of gravestones of Waterlooville, England, found guilty of having given his slurry from water supervisor of the Office to take revenge of some criticism he did not deserve. Boss, a woman, had in fact labitudine to keep a bottle on the desk with water containing that drink during the day.
According to laccusa: drank the liquid and you noticed that something was wrong. Felt a smell similar to turpentine. The police later identified as lha a particular solvent used by Oliver for his work, left on the bottle when it has contaminated the contents. According to il suo difensore, luomo would react to difficulties at work: in a way inappropriate. And was sentenced to four months probation.

The woman had said: I could not “ IP of his constant complaints. Everything I was doing was wrong, never good. He had become inopportabile work with him, so I thought I'd be able to in this way. A beautiful lesson we wanted, so learn how to make lo sbruffone dependent women with us ”

The ’ man defended cos: “ Not true that with employees-women are more demanding. At work I demand the utmost respect and order London Croydon hotel reviews, both from the ’ one from other sex ” ’.

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