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Manuela Arcuri and Simone Montedoro: the passion

Manuela Arcuri and Simone Montedoro: the passion. It is good time to Manuela Arcuri? The actress quite taken by her new boyfriend who was also an actor for the US and reflects perfectly the ideal man alal. E ' nato a new love?
New love in sight to Maunela Arcuri? L ’ Latina actress apparently seems to have finally found the ’ man who can meet all your needs. Since you left with Aldo Montano, the boyfriend perhaps most importantly that Arcuri has ever had, Manuela gave birth just several fleeting dalliance of no importance. Gossip newspapers l ’ have caught many times with various actors, businessmen and quant ’ more, all men who could be her potential boyfriends, but that later proved to be just simple flirting. C ’ obviously to say that those working in the world of gossip tends more to appioppare various boyfriends even when in fact it is just a simple knowledge.

This seems to be the time for good for the beautiful Manuela Arcuri, also because the images displayed by the magazine who show an overwhelming passion with her new boyfriend. This is Simone Montedoro, actor best known for playing captain of carabinieri in fiction Don Matteo. And ’ so he who replaced Flavio Insinna, an actor very affasicnante that hit the beautiful Manuelona. The two actually, according to the words issued by ’ actress, know for a year, but only in the recent period have discovered ’ to try something l l ’ ’ one for the other. Obviously the ’ Latin actress does not want to commit itself more than just a passion born recently, but at the moment seems to be allright.

Manuela Arcuri and Simone Montedoro have also spent their first holiday together in the mountains, enjoying a few days of relaxation and passion between the snow. I have caught them while paprazzi exchanged gentle kisses and it doesn't seem that this time the ’ Arcuri want hide this his new love. As said the same actress: “ If bastimento ”. We hope that you finally have found the ’ man who can make her happy, Simone Montedoro not the type who seeks been through gossip, but only to make good on his work and to enjoy the pi can his life away from the spotlight.
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