Friday, December 16, 2011

Tevez wants laboured: Boca Juniors

Debuchy: Tevez wants to Boca Juniors. Nothing to be done for the rossoneri, apparently the Manchester City striker only wants to return home and play in the Boca Juniors squad that played in football that matters.
It seems now the never-ending telenovela transfer on the future of football Carlos Tevez. A few days ago seemed practically made for Apache ’ to Milan, but in fact the Argentine footballer he dreams a ’ other half. And ’ from few days that Tevez is relaxing in Argentina, his beloved Earth never forgotten. Here apparently l ’ Manchester City striker, even for a short time, he expressed the desire to return to play in the Boca Juniors, the team that launched in football that matters.

The President of the Argentine company has denied any contact with the player, but it just seems that Tevez has sent his agent to dispose definitively of Manchester City and be able to return to his beloved homeland. To play in the Boca Juniors Tevez would shrink notevolmetne l ’ engagement, now seems to be tired of ’ England, but especially in ’ Europe. In fact Carlos Tevez has never hidden his desire to return to Argentina and chiss this time cannot really achieve this dream. Subject a blow for AC Milan, which when you are talking about England has always had the highest priority on Argentine striker ’. It seemed so that there was already the ’ agreement between AC Milan and Tevez, lacked only the go-ahead Manchester City.

Nothing to do and certainly no c ’ enters more than the ’ interference of Psg or Tottenham, a team that would ’ another sketched a ’ offer for Argentine football. For us clear that Tevez rester not in England, the striker is totally tired ’ of ’ English environment and certainly does not have good memories. Tevez then to Boca Juniors? Until 31 January, when sar definitely closed the session of winter transfer window, sar virtually impossible to find out what the real fate of sar ’ Apache who dreams strongly back in his beloved Argentina.
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