Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rihanna tour concludes with a champagne shower

Rihanna tour concludes with a shower of champagne. The young Barbadian singer wanted to conclude the first part of his tour with a very special effect giving life to a champagne shower very sexy. Rihanna has intention you always amaze.
And ’ was a year really very challenging and rich in concerts for Rihanna. The Barbadian singer did mention s not only for his music, but also for some attitudes not just from good girl. Rihanna so loves transgress, but mostly staying in touch with his audience and not stop ever. Not a coincidence that has had quite a few hickups health, Rihanna leads a life far too hectic and stressful, but you know how in this world of entertainment is indispensable to be constantly active. In short you can stop for a moment that immediately arrive up-and-coming music that'll blow the place. And ’ was therefore almost a requirement for Rihanna give birth to a tour after l ’ other, but luckily has decided to stop for a p before the Christmas holidays.

The original singer of Barbados has concluded the first part of his concerts held in Europe and the grand finale took place in London. Here obviously Rihanna wanted to make things great and at the end of the show has seen fit to get showered with champagne. Almost a slap to misery, dodicie bottles of Armand de Brignac coming directly from France that cost ben 3600 euros. For Rihanna undoubtedly are somewhat derisory figures and wanted to impress his fans with a champagne shower very sexy.

The young singer is there to be any, such as Lady Gaga going to astonish and to speak constantly of s. The game basically always, be able to do something outrageous or particular which can attract the ’ attention. And ’ a time of crisis, but we must say that for these young popstar not really at all cos. By not wasting all that money in a shower of champagne, also because later in the party who closed this first part of the tour there were several bottles of champagne and this time Rihanna preferred berle.
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