Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rocco Siffredi: “ after the ’ hard dream a dramatic role and meanwhile prepare a reality red light … ”

The actor dreams of acting the part of a single father who lives in a disadvantaged suburbs, meanwhile, prepares the aspiring actors seeking reality hard ...

’ l ’ and movie actor most known Italian hard and appreciated in Italy “ ” and ’. A real “ stallone has all ’ ” active more than 350 films redlight: Rocco Siffredi, opened the doors of his villa at the weekly Panorama, where the ’ actor wants to realize his dream, select through a reality porn-actors of the future.A dream, which, however, seems rather difficult to achieve, since at the moment no Tv speedweek produce and broadcast the show, however, that would definitely great acclaim. The villa of Siffredi-House a set, between cross slopes, helicopters (real) in the garden and mini zoo. But also with silicone dildos and latex catsuits, that Rocco would transform into the perfect set of a reality show, a sort of ” of ’ “ Masterchef hard.
Meanwhile, after participation in the film Christmas Planner “ ” with Massimo Boldi, the Italian Stallion prepares to shoot an episode with “ Dexter ” and soon will be in new show of Piero Chiambretti. But after so many hard film, cinema dreams a dramatic role, with Matteo Garrone. “ I'd interpret a single father in a disadvantaged suburbs ” – said Siffredi. Still top secret the role that the ’ avr in new actor hard show of Pierino la peste, departing Sunday, January 22.

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