Friday, December 09, 2011

Men and women-Latest: Francesco Monte made his choice!

Francesco Mount has no doubts: "my choice for now ..."

News succulent come from world of men and women led by Maria de Filippi on Canale 5, today and tomorrow will not be aired because of the holidays of ’ immaculate.
However these days the new episodes of the program that will be aired next week were registered the same, and in these episodes that were made of “ shock ”, which could radically change the path of one of the tronisti transmission, Francesco Monti, by many considered the most beautiful of history tronista program.According to well informed Mount during the episode, he admitted to Pamela Pierini pi than any other suitors, including Alessia, who at the time of bleached statement literally.

Francis, in fact, despite the beautiful Pamela continues to remain on the defensive line of “ no ”, even after the Kiss, she reassured Maria de Filippi, stating that her choice would fall on her favorite by far compared to Alessia. the reaction of the suitors, set aside in the games, it has not been very positive, but to know it allYou will be patient some more ’, and wait until Monday, when will the transmitted episode dedicated to the throne of Francis Monte and Cristian Galella … always if Mary and his team did not decide to focus still on the throne over that in recent weeks gave more satisfaction in terms of listening to young “ of Thrones.

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