Monday, December 05, 2011

Teacher calls to school saying: “ C ’ ” – is a bomb actually wanted …

"There a bomb within the school", actually a hoax concocted by teacher to have a day off.
A curious news that he left the school at us and all parents. The protagonist a teacher in Denver, which, a few days ago has left a note in which you had written that in elementary school where the teacher was working, someone had put a bomb, that in a few minutes would jump around in the air by cos at risk the lives of almost 1000 baby-students of the school.

In fact there was no bomb, but all had been concocted ad hoc “ ” by teacher. Why the ’ has done? Simple and maybe even stupid: the teacher wanted a day off, to devote itself, free from any kind of commitment.When the headteacher found the ticket, he immediately made evacuating the school, and at the same time also called the police who, having examined the building without finding any trace of explosives, have begun investigations.

Investigations on the ticket led quickly to the 42-year old Jennifer Gomes, mistress of the school, where she teaches gymnastics. She eventually admitted to having written her ticket, explaining why he decided to make “ call strange ”. And to think that the teacher in question worked one day a week at ’ within the school …

The immediate reaction of many parents who have asked that Jennifer was dismissed by the ’ Institute.
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