Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inps: collapse for old-age pensions and seniority – Christmas “ black ” for consumption.

Drop the anzianit and old age pensions and Christmas Italians have consumed the 18% less food and drink than last year.

The collapse of the new pensions awarded in 2011: in the first 11 months of the year ’, according to the latest data of ’ Inps, old-age pensions and anzianit 224.856 were liquidated, more than 94mila less than the same period 2010. This is a decrease of 29.50% effect Windows.The decrease in pi consisting of registers for new-age: just 94,216 (-39.40%). While for pensions of cheques cleared anzianit are gone from 163 thousand of 2010, the 130mila of this ’ year. On bending influence the new rules on window mobile and ’ tightening of requirements for the Access Board d ’ ’ anzianit.

Meanwhile, according to the latest statistics emme sse in these hours, one of the worst Christmas 2011 State of the last ten years: the consumptions are falling, were spent 48 euros less per citizen, now the starting balances, purchases decline of 30-40%.The forecasts, but optimistic ’ tutt, the Codacons, are past Christmas, takes stock of household-expenditure surveys relating to holidays. Overall, explains the ’ Association, for Christmas 2011, “ every citizens spent an average 48 ” euros less than in previous years. Decreasing expenses for travel, gifts and clothing.

Nine out of ten Italians who have spent Christmas at asa with friends and relatives have consumed an average of 2.3 billion in irca foods and drinks. To prevail, as confirmed by Coldiretti, was made in Italy, with less caviar, oysters, salmon and champagne and pi boiled, cappelletti and rustic pizzas. Re-evaluated traditional recipes with regional products: scialatielli in Calabria and soup of thistles in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

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