Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday VS. Sunday Five: 18 December.

Sunday-special Telethon on RaiUno; Crown and the GF 12 to Sunday, Five.

New appointment quest ’ today in two tv programs of the d Channel RaiUno and day 5: Sunday led by Massimo Gilettii and Lorella Cuccarini and Sunday Five presented by Claudio Brachino-duo Federica Panicucci also last week to have the best in the State of the program thereafter followed in media from an audience of nearly 3 million for a share of 17%2 million, compared to 12% and the competition.This week's challenge is renewed, here are some previews …

SUNDAY: open the program will be as always the ’ Arena in Giletti who this week proporr a special episode dedicated to collecting funds from Telethon to fight genetic diseases. In the second part of the transmission space all ’ interview between two famous people. Guests include: Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Italo Bocchino, Giorgia Meloni, Piero Fassino, inpromozione for eSabrina Ferilli cinepanettone.16.35 the passer to Sun-Cos life conducted by Lorella Cuccarini: also Cos life this week will be devoted in part to the Telethon. The minifiction not be missed to tell the social theme of the week. Guests of this episode: Iva Zanicchi and Fabrizio Frizzi.

SUNDAY 5: to open the program we will segment led by Director of news videos, Claudio Brachino, into the news, where they will be addressed and discussed by commentators and experts most important themes of the week.At 15.00, in section “ against all ”, host of this week, the sar chiacchieratissimo Fabrizio Corona, who answer challenging questions of journalists and commentators are present in the studio.At 16.00 the line passes to Federica Panicucci, who this week, in addition to interviews, dedicher large space to Great Fratello12 with exclusive and gossip from the pi House balance d ’ Italy. Guest in studio l ’ ex gieffina Guendalina Tavassi.
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