Monday, December 12, 2011

Emma Brown: and ’ a smoke?

Pizzicata to prepare a homemade cigarette, a controversy broke out immediately on Emma Brown and you think that this is a smoke.

And a former student of ’ Friends, much loved not only by Maria De Filippi but also from the audience and with many fans ready to defend it. Emma Brown indeed photographed from Novella 2000 strives to prepare for a hypothetical ’ cane, although this may be a simple homemade cigarette. And ’ suffered controversy.
The ’ former student of friends was a guest on Saturday afternoon at Verissimo, where he recounted his latest record work and its future participation in Sanremo, this time alone.Emma for this time lies in the Centre of a discussion why surprise to prepare this cigarette, but for some it is a spinel.

Fans of the artist ’ you are immediately deployed in defense of their idol. Certain that Brown doesn't like much the violation of your privacy, but this time the paparazzi there were heavy, especially because gi come to mind statements of ’ artist where confess having made use of soft drugs in the past.

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