Monday, December 26, 2011

Bimbo Highlander: a 10 years has already had to defeat 10 cancers.

A boy of 10 years, has stunned Connah Broom, British doctors, after defeating ten of the eleven who were killing tumors. The calvary of all ’ and Connah part of four years, when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in the stomach; According to the doctors the remaining six months of life. To start the family tent ’ the road of chemotherapy, but seeing that metastasis were increasing, the Broom decided to rely on photodynamic treatment practiced in Mexico.

After ten months of massage, ultrasound, therapies and diets here are the top improvements: metastasis secodarie have disappeared and remained only the primary tumor located in the stomach. Breakthrough therapy in Mexico costs about £ 200,000 and Connah's family could support spending only thanks to a fundraising. Bangor is much better now, the cycles of treatment are decreasing and the tumour seems under control, so that it is already called the miracle of Mexico “ ”.

The technique that has edited Connah consists of various practices that block l ’ blood flow to the tumor, that cos shrinks and disintegrates. All ’ and Connah arrived ten years, goes to school and attends dance classes and football, all of which six years ago seemed impossible for him.
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