Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Melania Rea latest news: an expert disassemble l ’ alibi Salvatore Parolisi

Melania Rea latest news: an expert disassemble the alibi of Salvatore Parolisi. You are always more revealing the lies told by the man about the tremendous murder of Melania Rea. An expert's report confirmed that that day never been victim to Colle San Marco.
The latest news on the case Melania Rea seem to fit even more Salvatore Parolisi. The woman killed last April 18 and found in the woods of Ripe di Civitella could now finally have justice. Certainly it is a case of murder rather complicated, but it seems that there are actually more doubts about the guilt of Salvatore Parolisi. His alibi, which relied on family outing that day made in Colle San Marco, actually been completely subverted by expertise made on cellular Melania Rea. The thesis of Salvatore Parolisi, raguardo to the reconstruction of that damn day, has never convinced investigators and now comes further confirmation from this expertise.

Gi analyzing the shoes of the victim had noticed how there was no trace pollen present to rel. Colle San Marco, then Melania Rea that day had not been l, traces back exclusively to Ripe di Civitella where the woman was killed. Besides analyzing his cellphone you noticed how there was absolutely no trace of the presence of Melania Rea to Colle San Marco on that day. The family then never been Parolisi l, unlike said pi times by Salvatore. And ’ clear that at this point the case could finally take a different turn, leverage the latest news on evidence, tangible that confirm even more the lies told until now by Salvatore Parolisi. Melania Rea EC l ’ Monster had in the House, despite her husband continue to be constantly innocent.

And surely a ’ ’ rather complicated survey, with many pieces of the puzzle to assemble, but it just seems that the initial sensations of investigators are absolutely truthful. It looks forward to the trial and the conviction that at this point pretty inevitable for Salvatore Parolisi. The ’ man to at least see his daughter Victoria will once a month.
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