Friday, December 23, 2011

Orphaned allattata monkey is a bitch.

The bitch who just gave birth to three cubs, nursed the little monkey orphaned cub.

And ’ the curious news arrived a few hours ago. A monkey a few years, recently orphaned, been taken “ in ” by a MOM adopts-bitch who just gave birth to a litter. The bitch did not hesitate a moment, and in addition to breastfeed her newborn puppies, small decided to accommodate its “ ” the small canteen puppy monkey that he wandered alone through the streets of the city of London News and photos of breastfeeding ’ they did immediately, around the world. A real unexpected gesture of pure love, even more unexpected if we take into account that this mission was a MOM of a ’ the other animal species.All this testifies once again, how often animals are the real human ” “, showing a great sense of generosity towards their fellows, unlike actual humans, who sometimes make towards their similar gestures of brutal violence.

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