Sunday, December 25, 2011

Box Office: full Salt for Sherlock Holmes; Christmas in Cortina and Pieraccioni lows

The cine-panettone continues to lose revenue and herlock Holmes flies ...
How predictable yet “ Sherlock Holmes movie-games of shadows ” to occupy the podium in the ranking of the most viewed film of the week. The film holds a clear distance to both the film Christmas Holiday “ at Cortina ” with Christian De Sica, Sabrina Ferilli, that Finally the happiness ” “ with Leonardo Pieraccioni.
Until this time, Sherlock Holmes, by 16 December, grossed more than 5 million; in second place came “ The Puss in boots ” which grossed 3 million.Third place (finally!), Christmas holidays in Cortina that it must settle for mere 2,282,000 euro; chasing briskly film Pieraccioni, Finally the happiness that grossed 2,270,000 euros.Fifth place for the film “ the IDEs of March ” with George Clooney that grossed 890,000 euros.

In short, week after week, the cine-panettone continues to lose its appeal on Italian public: for example, last year the second week the film programming of De Sica & Co encash pi zaan 5 euro. This ’ year, however, only half.And according to statistics published by Cinetel, this ’ year, the film is directed by De Laurentis, could collect maximum, 14 million euros. A startling decline compared to the ’ collection totoale of last year, that was over 20 million.Same, sad fate befallen Pieraccioni this year ’ with his new film you will have to satisfy, maximum of 12-13 million.

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